Sedation Dentistry

We want you to relax and have a safe and comfortable experience during your treatment.

Sedation Dentistry

We want you to relax and have a safe and comfortable experience during your treatment.

We understand that millions of Canadians avoid the dentist because of fear and anxiety. We will provide you with oral conscious sedation if you so choose. We only ask that there is someone to accompany you to your appointment and drive you home.

What is Oral Sedation?

Nervous about your dental appointment and procedure? You’re not alone. Many patients feel very anxious before they even step foot in our office, which is why we’re happy to offer sedation dentistry to help reduce stress, nervousness and anxiety. One method we use is referred to as conscious sedation. You’ll be given a pill to take orally one hour before your appointment. 

While you’ll still be awake during your appointment, you’ll feel much more relaxed and comfortable as your dentist performs the necessary procedures to enhance your oral health. In some cases, patients may not even remember what happened since they were in such a “relaxed state.”

Remember, after your appointment, you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you home as the sedative wears off. You may feel rather sleepy, but this feeling should wear off soon after returning home.

What happens after treatment?

When your root canal therapy has been completed, a record of your treatment will be sent to your restorative dentist. You should contact their office for a follow-up restoration within a few weeks of completion at our office. Your restorative dentist will decide on what type of restoration is necessary to protect your tooth. It is rare for endodontic patients to experience complications after routine endodontic treatment or microsurgery. If a problem does occur, however, we are available at all times to respond. To prevent further decay, continue to practice good dental hygiene.

How much will it cost?

The cost associated with this procedure can vary depending on factors such as the severity of damage to the affected tooth and which tooth is affected. In general, endodontic treatment is much less expensive than tooth removal and replacement with an artificial tooth.

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